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    It is specially designed for Android tablets with Hanvon’s latest input technology internally installed. It makes continuous handwriting of Chinese & Latin realized. Associative-word input and western language word prediction can be realized through internal dictionaries, which greatly simplify the input procedure and improve input efficiency &accuracy.
    • iOS input method

      iOS input method

      Hanvon iOS input method is powerful for smart phone. It supports handwriting,  Handle easily and input quickly. Functions mainly include : 1. Chinese Simplified &Chinese Traditional recognition 2. neat block letters& free writing typeface recognition 3. No stroke order recognition 4. Hybrid recognition to Chinese, English and figure 5. Special recognition to radicals in Chinese characters

    • Gardenia input pattern

      Gardenia input pattern

      It applies to platforms such as Windows XP、Win7、Wince5 0 and Wince6 0 etc. It has recognition functions to short sentences that  are input by Chinese(simplified style& Complex style) handwriting and English words. It has features of Chinese&figure joint input and special gesture character recognition etc. It gives users many recognition models including full-screen input, line input and magic grid input etc.

    • Floating clouds input method

      Floating clouds input method

      This product supports many languages including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Hongkong traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, German, French, Spanish, Portugal, Russian, Greek etc. Each language is a separated installation package. Users can choose to install corresponding input method according to daily needs.

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