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    Hanvon Key™ keyboard input engine adopts Hanvon advanced algorithm framework and combines accurate linguistic models and lexicon. It has great input conversion efficiency. The product is flexible,extensible, personalized, Practical and reliable.
    1.support multilingual recognition, support over 30 foreign languages,including simple, complex, English, Japanese, Korean etc.
    2.support large character set recognition, support  GB18030、BIG5、HKSCS etc. 
    3.support prediction, word-completion etc. It is easy and fast for users to input.
    4.support many input modes including Pinyin(full Pinyin, Simple Pinyin, blending Pinyin)、strokes、Cangjie、phonetic notation etc. 5.support Qwerty keyboard and  Speed Dial keyboard input
    6.support fuzzy Bopomofo、Automatic Error Correction、Chinese and English mixed-input
    7. Support platforms :android、IOS、Windows、Linux、MTK、Windows Phone etc.
    8.the underlying code of C programming language with fast input language transformation speed and little resource loss
    9.high code security level, no open source code, be available for industries with higher security level such as car-carried devices, bank etc.

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