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    Hanvon “Easy Recognition” almighty image-text recognition system application scheme

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      Bill/Form/Documents Recognition------almighty“Easy Recognition”to image-text
      With the deepening of the national information construction,intelligent office becomes more intimate with people’s work.In order to make the tedious and dull type-inputting easier,Hanvon timely pushes out Hanvon“Easy Recognition”almighty image-text software system to respond users’needs.This system integrates Hanvon’s latest OCR technology,sophisticated image processing and recognition engine,which has become a good assistant for intelligent office.
      Powerful recognition kernel
      Hanvon“Easy Recognition”almighty image-text software system integrates the latest techniques and embedded with Hanvon’s sophisticated OCR kernel.At present,Hanvon’s“Easy Recognition”character repertoire covers GB2312-80 primary character library including 3775 characters;secondary character set 3008 characters as well as common signals including punctuation,figures,English etc.At the same time,Taiwan's traditional characters set and HongKong traditional characters set are concluded with high operating frequency.The harvest rate of common characters can reach 99.99%.
      Hanvon“Easy Recognition”can automatically recognize 100-plus font formats including Song typeface,black body,regular script,clerical script,SimSun font and imitation Song typeface etc.
      Support Chinese&English hybrid alignment,simplified&traditional hybrid alignment and font hybrid alignment.
      Leading documents storage
      Hanvon“Easy Recognition”can save the image recognition results in the following file formats:Word、RTF、Excel、Text、Html as well as common PDF,double-deck PDF etc.Users can easily extract,edit words,pictures and forms in the scanned images.
      Simple operation interface
      Highly packaged processing core,easy handling
      Comprehensive compatibility:fully support scanners types;Hanvon“Easy Recognition”has seamless connections with scanners and a simultaneous scanning process is in one step.Click the button,process finished.
      Powerful PDF editing
      Supports 11 kinds of commonly used PDF coded formats including ZIP、LZW、CCITT、JPEG、JPEG2000 etc.This system supports to unfold PDF files with various coding schemes and covers all PDF application formats of enterprises and public institutions.
      Intelligent division,processing and recognition to multi-page PDF;support to export multi-page double-deck PDF and single-deck PDF.
      Complex layout,precise restore:it can intelligently analyze Chinese,English and traditional characters,hybrid alignment text of character,table and picture with no manual intervention.In the meantime,it adopts brand-new column-division technology.Layout restore becomes more accurate and the recognized documents handling become easier without typesetting and editing.
      Batch processing,high speed typing:typing speed can reach 6000 words per second at least.Super strong and high speed batch processing function can continuously recognize documents with 1000 pages.Set up project files,autosave process.Opened-project auto-saves.Open-project automatically points to break-point to facilitate management.
      Document processing,simple&easy:powerful operation ability to document processing.The red badge can be individually recognized and and extracted,then the original appearance of documents will be reappeared.
      Character,form and picture,efficiently type in:with excellent form recognition ability,the original form can be fast converted into optionally editable spreadsheet.The acquired image supports black and white binary,256 gray-levels and 24 true color bitmap.Support bmp、tif and jpg picture formats.
      Image-text contrast,easy proofreading:recognition results can be displayed in a one-to-one correspondence and it is easy for proofreading,which make mistakes discerned easily.
      Jigsaw puzzle elve&Reading elve:two auxiliary functions with great convenient use.Jigsaw puzzle elve can joint A3 form and document image and then make output identification.Reading elve can make proofreading by listening sound to alleviate visual fatigue.In addition,its built-in translation software can easily stride over language obstacles.


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