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    Hanvon OCR VAT invoice automatic input system solutions

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      Bill/form/document recognition----VAT invoice automatic input
      Financial management is the essential sector of business administration.The survival and development of each corporation needs favorable and perfect financial management.As critical vouchers of business Purchase-Sell-Stock activity,VAT invoice is particularly important.With increased business activities,there are full of VAT invoices that are made by light and thin paper and the voices are printed by special printing technology with compact script and smaller word size.During circulation process,the invoice paper is easy to be broken and characters are vague,which cause great trouble for financial staff to extract valuable information.For the difficulties confronted,Hanvon develops the most advanced VAT invoice OCR intelligent input technology with its powerful technical strength,excellent r&d team and repeated study and testing.The application of this technology leads to fast extraction of large information and it is widely used in enterprises and public institutions.
      Face information of Hanvon automatic batch input include:
      Invoice code/Invoice number/Invoicing date
      Name of purchasing unit/Identification number of the taxpayer
      Address/Phone/Bank name and account number
      Password field
      Commodity or taxable service/Specifications
      Unit/number/unit price
      Sum/tax rate/tax amount
      Total/Ad valorem tax totals/capital form/lowercase
      Name of sales unit/Identification number of the taxpayer
      Address/Phone/Bank name and account number
      This technology integrates Hanvon’s high-end invoice layout analysis technology and image processing techniques,which can fast and efficiently extract batch required information with no manual input.Applying OCR technology to intelligently input can effectively avoid errors when reading invoice information and inputting that greatly improve the working efficiency.The picture below is the VAT invoice by intelligent invoice face analysis.We can see that the scanned and inputted VAT invoices do not need manual operations and all information on the invoice face can be accurately located by Hanvon bill layout analysis technology.
      Intelligent bill layout analysis function
      The picture below is about automatic location to the required information on the basis of invoice face layout analysis.The greatest advantage of Hanvon OCR technology is that it can make automatic positioning to the required invoice face information on the basis of its advanced technology such as invoice number,invoicing date,name of purchasing unit,total,sales unit etc.By applying this technology,users can efficiently and fast input all above information,which greatly save human cost and improve staff’s work efficiency.
      The function of automatic positioning will intelligently capture the position of required information.
      Bill recognition security:
      Hanvon has done a study specially aiming at the password field of VAT invoice and developed the special character recognition technology to accurately extract characters in the password field for the purpose of VAT invoice security by decoding.


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