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    Hanvon OCR enterprise bill/document/form/archives recognition solutions

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      Bill/form/document recognition----Enterprise bills automatically input and archival management system
      Hanvon enterprise bills input management system begins with paper invoice scanning and forms whole invoice management system of enterprise finance department with the electronic filing management.
      Financial management is the essential sector of business administration.The survival and development of each corporation needs favorable and perfect financial management.As critical vouchers of business Purchase-Sell-Stock activity,VAT invoice is particularly important.With increased business activities,there are full of VAT invoices that are made by light and thin paper and the voices are printed by special printing technology with compact script and smaller word size.During circulation process,the invoice paper is easy to be broken and characters are vague,which cause great trouble for financial staff to extract valuable information.For the difficulties confronted,Hanvon develops the most advanced VAT invoice OCR intelligent input technology with its powerful technical strength,excellent r&d team and repeated study and testing.The application of this technology leads to fast extraction of large information and it is widely used in enterprise and public institutions.
      (1)Enterprise tax paper e-record solutions:
      1.professional invoice image scanning and processing technology
      Based on the scanning and analyzing process to tens of thousands of invoice samples collected by Hanvon technology company,Hanvon enterprise bills scanning client is a specially developed scanning processing software through a large amount of researches to the image features of scanned invoices.This software can make users fast and efficiently scan a lot of invoices and easily modify the scanned images into beautiful,neat and clear ones.
      Batch Scanning
      Hanvon tax-control high-speed scanner is a specially researched and developed machine for tax receipts scanning aiming at the features that invoice paper is thin and light,easily broken.It can scan many invoices at one time and receive scanned images with high quality.
      Batch Processing
      Hanvon enterprise bills scanning client supports the function of multi-thumbnails display to directly and easily browse scanned images in the round.
      Quickly set up scanning parameters
      The panel options of scanning parameters are specially set up on the operation interface of scanning client.The related operation parameters will be directly listed and set up on the panel without setting up scanner.The memory function of scanner client will let users set up scanning parameters one time without replication when starting.
      2.Sophisticated bill automatic layout analysis techniques
      Hanvon bill OCR processing technology has a leading recognition accuracy,which mainly comes from Hanvon rich and unique bill layout analysis technologies.Hanvon has the excellent image processing algorithm development professionals and advanced invoice face image processing algorithms.Based on these professional image processing algorithm and pattern matching algorithms,Hanvon bills OCR technology stays in a leading position in the domestic and even international.
      Professional invoice background Reduction Technology
      After a series of image processing techniques to filter out Hanvon invoice background processing technology as well as strengthening the sideline processing,character strokes will be clearer and sideline of bill will be more complete compared to that by using conventional processing technique.The figure below is the result of invoice image through Hanvon image processing technology as well as conventional image by image processing technology available,we can clearly see the differences.
      Samples of invoice after applying Hanvon image processing algorithms
      Samples of invoice after applying other image processing algorithms
      Accurate bills image angle correction
      Invoices are scanned by using artificial load paper invoices.The obtained images after scanning will have more or less certain angle.Tilt angle of invoices will affect OCR,thereby reducing the recognition accuracy.The correction of image scanning angle tilt is very important.Hanvon scanned image correction technology can automatically correct the common small tilt angle of the scanned images without manual correction and the correction accuracy is well guaranteed.
      Samples of scanned invoice
    Images after applying Hanvon automatic tilt correction technology

      Template matching&automatic classification
      Hanvon bill/document/forms processing technology includes sophisticated domestic core processing technology of bills and forms as well as the definition tools for the types of bill and form.Customized bill,form and document tools provide easy and intuitive user interface and allow making quick and professional definitions to bill,form and document types.The identify core can automatically distinguish bill,form and document categories according to user-defined categories and automatically position the contents in accordance with the definition of the content of the customer.No human intervention can quickly enter large quantities of many types of documentation forms a large number of information documents.The following figure shows the template definition tool Notes:
      Template definition tools
      The following picture shows the above entertainment invoice template to the content to be identified:
      Template definition tools of identifying the content

      Template definition tool will classify and identify the bill,form and documents to be entered.Hanvon business bill automatic input system based on user-defined information will automatically classify documents to be entered,then get the scanned images classified and recognized.Hanvon enterprise bill automatic entry system can input a large volume of documents that are unmatched by manual entry.
      Layout Analysis;automatic positioning;automatic extraction;batch identification
      Based on the defined template library by template definition tool,the system will automatically filter the types of scanned images and make automatic layout analysis,layout identification items and batch operations.
      Automatic storage of electronic archives
      Hanvon enterprises bill input processing system includes a database storage and retrieval system.By using Hanvon OCR process,the submission of information to the database for storage will be finished and users simply click Submit without too much involvement store operations.Hanvon enterprise bill/form/document processing system provides a simple storage mechanism,and work with Hanvon OCR systems closely together to simplify user operations as possible for the purpose of providing users with the most convenient and intuitive operation.
      Quick search,complete in one step
      Hanvon Enterprises bill/form/document entry management system includes professional retrieval system,enabling users to quickly retrieve stored data and make modifications and other operations.
      It shows above the retrieval and editing interfaces of the database retrieval system.A rich editing interface allows users feeling easy to make data retrieval,editing,archiving and reusing.
      (2)Hanvon customs bill Automatic Identification System
      Hanvon customs bill automatic identification system is a set of automatic bill input and review system.For customs,one thing in daily work is to input client information of the amount of tax into the computer.In the previous,this work needs to rely on manual input and it is time-consuming.Now applying Hanvon customs bill automatic identification system to finish it can be fast,efficient,accurate and safe.
      Hanvon customs bill automatic identification system will achieve the following functions:
      Automatic classification:Automatically distinguish the types of bill;
      Recognition range:Accurately identify the printed uppercase amount,lowercase amount,number,etc;
      High speed:The processing speed can reach up to 60 documents per minute
      Recognition rate:Printed character recognition:mixed in a variety of fonts,poor image quality(such as image blur,big noise interference),the word recognition rate is 99%.
      (3)Application of“Hanvon OCR bill\form\document recognition system”in business and other related industries:


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