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    Bank counter paperless business acceptance solutions----E-signature

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      For all banks,during the reign of customers for business,there is a customer signature confirmation and this signature has a legal effect.Banks will have long-term preservation of the original documents signed by using a lot of paper and storage space.When auditing and verification,it also requires a lot of query time.The entire process of managing is complex,inefficient,and costly.Banks gradually begin to transform business processes,combine with handwriting screen,and integrate electronic signature function in business systems.Customers will make electronic signature in a variety of signature devices of Hanvon,then the bank clerk can completely electronically verified at any time.
      Bank counter paperless business acceptance solution is accepted by the bank foreground paperless business systems and external devices handwritten LCD screen components.The system uses electronically testing certificates in lieu of paper documents in the existing business systems,virtual print way to replace the existing electronic signature stamp,Hanvon handwriting LCD screen capture handwritten electronic signature to replace the existing paper-based signatures,which thus achieve paperless and automatic archiving to business acceptance.Digital certificate-based system integrates digital signature technology,virtual printing technology,handwriting synchronization and automatic cut-screen technology.
      Hanvon handwriting LCD screen integrates a collection a number of leading technologies:capturing handwriting,electronic signature comparison,multimedia advertising pushing and playing technology,so that electrons agreement has the same legal attributes as paper documents.This solution effectively solves the problem of managing paper documents,cost and efficiency.It also provides a new generation of e-business acceptance method for the financial industry.
      Hanvon’s advantages:
      Hanvon has the patent of wireless and passive electromagnetic technique.With a variety of handwritten screen products models and development capabilities of hardware customization,custom drivers and software interfaces custom,it can meet various needs from customers.


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