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    Hanvon OCR titles recognition research solutions Functions

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      Hanvon OCR titles recognition research solutions
      1.Input image format
      Identifiable color(24BIT),gray(step 256)and black and white binary images,support image files TIFF,BMP,JPG,PDF format.
      It supports two kinds of ways:scanned images and camera images.
      2.Input layout format
      It can automatically analyze the text and formulas and other regions,and identify the text as well as characters and formulas in the text area.
      3.Supported formula types
      "Mathematical formulas,physics formulas,chemical formulas"in primary and secondary school stage
      4.Supported text types
      Simplified Chinese,traditional Chinese,English,special characters.
      5.The title image is in focus
      Character recognition rate can reach 70%or more,the search success rate is above 90%;
      6.Output recognition result
      It can output latex or mathml text files.
      7.Development environment
      Provide DLL dynamic library developed by VC,support C++、VC languages.
      8.Supported platforms
      9.Recognition speed:
      For single title(200 characters or less),the recognition speed is less than 1 second.
      The following picture is photographed title image recognition design sketch.

      Application modes

      1、High recognition rate
      Especially to identify the subjects of physics and chemistry,it has been highly recognized by users.The whole problem identification rate is higher than 80%,the search success rate is above 90%,and it continues to be improved.
      2、Whole subject recognition
      It can automatically analyze text area and formulas region and automatically determine the type of formula with a higher degree of intelligence recognition.
      3、Local recognition
      The only company can do OCR technology locally to identify the whole subject in this industry.
      After verification of cooperation with a large number of customers,Hanvon provides safe and reliable title recognition service24 hours a day.
      5、Low consumption of resources
      Hanvon camera title recognition does not need a machine with high configuration and there is no significant restrictions on the user's devices.
      1、Core technology was awarded a number of national honor.It surpasses more than 80%of the domestic professional data processing business on its core business areas.Well-known manufacturers in the field of education have chosen to cooperate with Hanvon,such as BBK,Ozing,Noah,Kuaiyd and so on.
      2、Combined with years of experience in software integration services providers,Hanvon OCR technology has constantly improved and perfected.The overall market share of Hanvon OCR in this area is around 70%.Choosing Hanvon equals to chose to share experience with the thousands of business.
      3、We have begun OCR technology research since 1985.This industry has been focused on for 30 years and it has become the most powerful enterprise.We have the confidence and ability to provide users with the highest security,best service and best price.
      4、We have a leading team of technical experts at home and abroad which is stationed in our company for a long term.At the same time,the team also maintains close communication with the relevant domestic academic community to be ready to offer guaranteed technical support for users.You will also be accompanied with the most advanced technology in the field.I believe your customers will be more willing to accept such an arrangement..


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