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    ESP560 LCD Specification

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      Introduction of Components
      Hanvon ESP560,integrated a 5.6 inch LCD and an electromagnetic resonance tablet(ERT)components,is designed for purpose of input signature with handwriting.The ERT component is consists of an cordless battery-free ERT stylus and a sensor board.
      Features and Functions
      1.High Precision:coordinate accuracy can reach±0.5 mm.
      2.Pressure of ERT stylus is supported.
      3.Wireless and battery free stylus:easy to use but low cost.
      4.The signature is displayed on the LCD simultaneously.
      ESP560 is widely used in banks,post office,retails,securities,insurance&communications,such as signing on a receipt or a contract with a personalized digital signature.
      The driver for ESP560 can be easily embedded into 3rd party application,which should be implemented by 3rd party depend on specified requirement.
      Performance and parameters
    Model/Brand ESP 560/Hanvon
    Dimensions(WxHxD) 181 x 161 x 30 mm
    Weight 337g
    Color Black
    Operating Condition 5 to 35 degrees C,Humidity:20 to 80%RH
    Storage Condition -20 to 70°C,Humidity:20% to 90%(no condensation)
    Compatibility USB 2.0
    Cable USB A or RS-232 cable
    Power Management USB BUS power(5V,500mA)
    Power Consumption under 2.5 W
    Display Panel a-SiTFT LCD
    Screen Size           5.6 inch(Diagonal)
    Driver element          a-Si TFT active matrix
    Display mode Normally White, Transmissive
    Dot pitch 0.0588(W) × 0.1764(H) mm
    Active area 112.896× 84.672 mm
    Resolution 640(RGB) × 480
    Active Area 126.5 × 100 mm
    Surface treatment Anti-Glare
    Color arrangement RGB-stripe
    Backlight Power consumption 1.90W(Typ.)
    Panel Power consumption 0.66 W(Typ.)
    Viewing Angles (horizontal/vertical)140/140deg
    Contrast Ratio 500:1(typ.)
    Display Response(Ton+Toff) 10mS+15mS
    Technology Electro-magnetic resonance technology
    Active Area 112.896× 84.672 mm
    Resolution 0.01mm/dot  2540lpi
    Coordinate Accuracy ± 0.5 mm
    Accuracy Assurance Height 7 mm or more
    Maximum Pen Tilt Range Up to 50°from vertical
    Pressure Sensitivity 1024 levels
    Report Rate(max) 150pps
    Interface RS-232 or USB
    Pressure Sensitivity 1024 levels
    Dimensions 9(Φ)×131.2 (length)mm
    Weight 8.48g
    Packing contents
    Device 1
    pen 1
    cable 1
    tether 1


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