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    Hanvon OCX Control for Handwriting and Signature

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      Hanvon OCX Control provide smooth handwriting track and stroke by collecting data from capture pad,which providing data of pressure and coordinate of actually handwriting and signatures.It restores signature and handwriting on digital device and make them become digital signature.The restored results brings same results like ink pen on paper.
      Hanvon OCX Control for Handwriting and Signature can be applied on OA systems,telecommunication industry,banking system,education institutions,social security,hotel management,public administration,etc.
      Operating System Supported:Windows XP/Vista/7/8
      Internet Browser Supported:IE/Firefox,IEV2.0-IEV9.0
      Software Component Management:Initialization,Installation and Uninstallation.
      Pen Parameters and Configuration Supported:Pen Style,width,color,etc
      Clear All for signature supported
      Supported file format for signatures:bmp/jpg/png/gif/PDF
      Data&File Encryption Supported


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