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    Face recognition

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    Hanvon’s embedded infrared face recognition technology can improve lighting adaptability a lot and achieve 99% recognition accuracy within 30 users. Hanvon’s solution adopts MIPS architecture which can reduce the power consumption to a quite low level. Smaller size of the applied module can make it integrate to all vehicles easily.
    1.ID Authentication;
    Which means only the authorized user can control the vehicle.
    As a high-value property, vehicles can add value and improve its level by integrating face recognition technology

    2.Fatigue remind;
    fatigue driving is one of the main factors to cause accidents.
    By detecting the eyes status  and tracking their movements, Hanvon’s technology can recognize such status like open eyes, closed eyes, blinking, half-open, etc, and judge whether it is fatigue driving

    3. Security Assistance;
    Abnormal driving behavior is very harmful to traffic safety.
    By detecting the angle modification of the driver’s head and body movement, Hanvon’s technology can recognize common abnormal behavior such as watching cell phone and sideways talking. 

    4.  Environmental adaptation;
    Records the preference of the driver and automatically adjusts to the driver
    When the driver changes, the car can automatically change the seat position, temperature, lighting and acoustics, providing customized environment to different drivers. 


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