Handwriting Recognition


Letter-based Recognition Technology

Letter-based Recognition Technology combines double information,the relations between the writing shapes and structures of characters,to recognize,which has greatly improved the recognition capability to scribbled fonts and free writing styles.It has the advantages of high recognition rate,less resources loss and high security etc.


Line-based Recognition Technology or reduplicated word Recognition Technology

ine-based Recognition Technology or reduplicated word Recognition Technology can make Intelligent segmentation and identification to input handwriting by language model.It offers users more efficient and natural input type.Users can input short sentences and enjoy the closest experience like writing on paper.This product will not disturb the user’s thinking.Users do not need to switch recognition modes,once written,once recognized(operating system needs to support multi-threading),and do not need to remember cumbersome input rules.Therefore,users can achieve the text input in the most natural writing style.


Chapter-based Recognition Technology or Chapter Retrieval Technique

Chapter-based Recognition Technology or Chapter Retrieval Technique supports the condition that many lines and rows characters are consecutively written and the whole writings will be recognized one time,and then exactly searched and located,finally output the location information of the research keywords.It can make users feel to write on the traditional medium,at the same time enjoy the exact and efficient chapter-based handwriting recognition.The application of the retrieval technique lets users come to appreciate the advantages of electronic paper and greatly improved the feel of handwriting input.


Original handwriting Beautification technology

Combined with the anti-aliased technology,the product uses Hanvon’s latest algorithm and architecture.It can eliminate the jagged edges and rough strokes and provide the smooth,fluent and natural handwriting experience.


Image recognition technology

Image recognition techniques provides users a more efficient and natural input type to avoid the inconvenience encountered when they are using some editing tool or drawing software.It can help users conveniently input the characters,sheets,basic configuration and flow chart they need by natural handwriting ways.


Hanvon Signature verification technology

Hanvon Signature verification technology is a kind of application based on chirography verification after handwriting recognition technology.It can be applied into the encryption systems with touchscreen devices and other identity authentication systems,such as cellphone authentication,file encryption etc.